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Read through the testimonials below to get a better idea of the kind of high-quality service you can always expect to receive at Florida Keys Cardiology. For additional information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today.

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Jose M.

"Dr. Gunda-Chunduru is a very attentive and family-oriented medical practitioner.

When consulting with her, you get that true one-on-one doctor / patient experience just like

the good old days! If high-quality health care and a very knowledgeable physician in heart medicine are what you're seeking, then visit Dr. Gunda-Chunduru!"


Edward C.

"Dr. Chunduru is hands-down one of the best medical doctors I have seen in my life!

Her demeanor and bedside manner is calm, positive, thorough, attentive, flexible, and personal. I saw her for a cardiovascular checkup, as I wanted to begin a weight loss regimen.


Dr. Chunduru made me feel comfortable and relaxed and asked me questions about my recreational life (which no doctor has ever done before!) as well as my work. I find that doctors usually are distracted or rushed when visiting their patients, but not with Dr. Chunduru.

I had the sense that this doctor REALLY cared about my whole being and not just the fact that

I needed an exam.


Dr. Chunduru suspected I had diabetes, just by sitting and talking to me about how I was feeling, as my regular physician did not catch the signs. Sure enough, the tests were positive.


Additionally, I could tell that Dr. Chunduru has a well-rounded medical background and approaches each patient, as he / she were the most important person to her at the time and not the typical medical “fix it and get rid of it” approach. It is for this reason and the fact that her assistant (Danielle) was very friendly and welcoming, that I give her 5 stars!


Dr. Chunduru has extended my life and has increased the quality of my life! I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone that values their health and wants a doctor that truly cares about their patients!"


Marie W.

"The time came when I needed to a see a cardiologist for my high blood pressure.

I was nervous because I don’t do well with new doctors but fortunately, I was sent to see

Dr. Madhavi Gunda Chunduru at Florida Keys Cardiology and she put me right at ease.


She is so friendly, polite and personable but also very professional. She doesn’t leave you sitting forever in the room alone or send in nurses, etc. When you go in to see

Dr. Chunduru you see HER and have her attention the whole time you are there.


Dr. Chunduru actually takes the time to answer your questions, address your concerns and explain things in a way that makes them easy to understand. I really appreciate that.


That being said, I have found Dr. Chunduru to be an outstanding cardiologist! She has taken excellent care of me, and my husband also, regularly checking to be sure all is well and our medications are giving the results she expects. I feel very fortunate to be under the care of such a wonderful, knowledgeable doctor."


Carla S.

"I needed to consult a cardiologist and my son-in-law highly recommended that I make an appointment to see Dr. Chunduru. When making his recommendations, he spoke of a very knowledgeable and caring professional; the kind that is so difficult to find, that I became a little bit skeptical of his speech.


My skepticism was very short lived, as I had the opportunity to be seen by Dr. Chunduru.

Not only she is the caring, knowledgeable, and professional person whom he described,

she is also very attentive, personable and empathetic. Unfortunately, these qualities are

rarely found in today's medical community. Dr. Chunduru, thank you for being such an outstanding professional!"


Cathy L.

"Dr. Gunda Chunduru is a very compassionate doctor who cares about her patients.

Her knowledge and expertise instill confidence and her warm bedside manner puts

you instantly at ease. She has a way of making you feel as though you are her one and only patient. Dr. Gunda Chunduru has done a terrific job of treating me as well as two other members of my family."

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